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Elva Ahlbin


Professional makeup artist and hair stylist based in Stockholm, Sweden


+46 (0)739-904976



Elva at Elva Makeup offers a wide range of services to help you achieve your desired look.

She take pride in providing exceptional makeup and hairstyling services, catering to a diverse range of clients and specializations. Her expertise includes:

Fashion & Advertising Makeup

Elva Makeup is your go-to choice for the fashion and advertising industry. She excel at bringing out the best in models and creating captivating looks for editorial shoots, runway shows, and advertising campaigns.

Beauty Photography Makeup

Achieving the perfect look for beauty photography is an art, and she is an expert in it. Her makeup and hair styling services enhance the models features, ensuring stunning results in every photo.

Bridal Makeup

Let her make your special day even more beautiful with her bridal makeup services. She specialize in creating timeless, and elegant bridal looks, ensuring you feel confident and stunning on your wedding day.

Get in touch with Elva if you'd like to discuss your makeup and hair styling needs or inquire about her services.


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