Hi, I'm Elva and I'm a freelance make-up artist and hair stylist based in Stockholom, Sweden.
I'm also the beauty editor at Odalisque Magazine.

 Hailing from a long lineage of artists and skillful craftsmen it was clear from an early age I was meant to work with something creative. Always painting, knitting, sewing, drawing and whatever I could get my hands on.

I thought I wanted to become a cinematographer as a teenager but quite soon it was clear that it was an optional subject, Make-up and Mask of my three-year Radio and Television training that became my major interest. Up to this point had no idea I could combine storytelling with my love for makeup and hair but now everything fell into place. So I went on to make-up school.

Parallel to my great interest in photography, I was the main organizer for big spectacular underground events in the alternative arts and culture scene in Stockholm for a few years. Often working around different themes, we created decore, invited artist and performers from all over the world and totally transformed the different venues and ourselves to fit the theme.

It was hard work but a lot of fun.
Today I focus solely on my make-up profession and when I don't work i love to train thaiboxing, MMA or spend time with family and friends. 
I still love going to undeground events and I host sometimes but preferably I go as a guest :)